Hawaiian Jewelry

What better way to give someone a gift from Hawaii than to give something handmade in Hawaii? The care put into each of these handmade pieces of jewelry is evident in the delicate beauty of each piece. The striking materials and elegant shapes make these items perfect for giving as a thoughtful gift. From heart shapes to dangling earrings to brightly colored island materials, you can find something for every jewelry lover here.

For a gift that brings island materials to the recipient, there are pieces that use puka shells, sea glass, coral and other Hawaiian materials to add interesting colors and shapes to the pieces. For a more subtle look, choose a simple, handmade bracelet, necklace or earring pair that will look great with anything you wear. Bring some of the spirit of aloha to your loved one with a handmade necklace or bracelet that spells out aloha. For lovers of Hawaii, it’s the perfect way to keep the aloha spirit close to you at all times.

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